If circulation to the scalp is poor, the transport of nutrients to the scalp is limited and hair growth is impaired, making hair thin or lifeless. The ACTIVE series activates the supply of nutrients to the hair roots and prevents circulatory problems. The result: hair growth is stimulated, circulation to the scalp is improved and hair is noticeably fuller.

ACTIVE products are true miracles of strength. This is where the leaf extract of the Asian Ginkgo biloba tree reveals its effectiveness. This extraordinary natural ingredient protects cells and promotes circulation. Its effects have been known to Asian traditional medicine for over 1,000 years. Hair growth is stimulated and hair becomes fuller and stronger to the touch. ACTIVE products are enhanced by a fresh and herbal scent of wood and mint with pleasantly stimulating lavender notes.


ACTIVE Refresh Shampoo is a vitalising shampoo with cooling menthol and Ginkgo biloba. This shampoo acts like a wake up call: it refreshes, invigorates and gives hair body. The cleansing agents are extracted from coconut oil.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount evenly to wet hair, briefly allow it to work in, work into a lather and then rinse thoroughly.


ACTIVE Ginkgo Energeticum activates the supply of nutrients to the hair‘s roots by encouraging microcirculation. Hair growth is stimulated and hair loss prevented. ACTIVE Ginkgo Energeticum 6 also counteracts irritation of the scalp, excess oil production, dandruff and itching. Tocopherol works to protect cells, whilst panthenol gives hair noticeably more body.

Directions for use: After washing hair, apply one pipette dose in drops onto the scalp. Massage in gently. Do not rinse out. Circulation to the scalp is stimulated immediately. Use one to three times per week.