In our search for ingredients, we avoid ecosystems that would be disrupted or threatened by such intervention. These include jungles and the deep sea. Nor do we carry out testing on animals or commission others to do so on our behalf.


The botanic ingredients that form the basis of GLYNT formulas are procured from across the globe: the cold-pressed jojoba oil comes from Mexico and the extraordinarily nourishing kendi oil from Hawaii. Asia yields the leaf extract of the Ginkgo biloba tree. The Australian continent is where we source our very nutrient-rich fruit and berry extracts, whilst the sugar extract from the Cassia plant, which has a special strengthening effect on hair, comes from India.


The good feeling that comes with using a product is demonstrably increased by the type of scent that accompanies it, because pleasing scents make you happy. That’s why we put particular emphasis on the choice of perfumes used in GLYNT products. The GLYNT formulas appeal not just thanks to their performance but also due to their exquisite scent compositions. These are developed in Grasse, located in the south of France, which is known for being the centre of natural aromatic essences. All GLYNT scents are particularly harmonious, lightly concentrated and well tolerated.