The skin is our biggest organ and often acts like a window to the soul. For us to feel good within it and keep it healthy, skincare products must be particularly compatible and support the natural functions of the skin. The products in the SENSITIVE series help skin to help itself.

SENSITIVE products give the skin what does it good and, most importantly, a good feeling. All products are characterised by exceptionally high skin compatibility, even for sensitive skin types. The SENSITIVE products protect the natural acid skin mantle and promote a healthy skin banner.


SENSITIVE Hand & Nail Balm pH protects and cares for hands and nails. Hands that come into frequent contact with water lose their intercellular cement, leaving skin and nails dry and raw. The balsam with jojoba oil and cuckoo flower oil absorbs very quickly without leaving an oily feeling behind, and prevents moisture loss from skin and nails. The emulsifier-free formula also has a water-repellent effect


SENSITIVE Jojoba Fluid pH is a skinfunction fluid with high-quality lipids and cold-pressed jojoba oil for sensitive or dry skin. It boosts the skin’s ability to hold moisture and leaves it feeling silky-smooth. The effect lasts for eight hours. SENSITIVE Jojoba Fluid is suitable for both the body and face. The dermatologically oriented formula is perfume-free and contains no preservatives, emulsifiers or colourings.


SENSITIVE Lip Care contains palm kernel oil, which is rich in vitamin A and C and which cares for the lips. It also protects their natural moisture level, and makes them soft. As the lip skin reacts very sensitive to sun, sun protection is very important. Its light and soft aroma makes it the perfect travel companion.


SENSITIVE Eye Cream is a nourishing eye cream that is ideal for the sensitive skin around the eye area. The cuckoo flower oil helps you achieve silky, smooth skin that never feels greasy. This special oil doesn’t run, making the EYE CREAM FOR YOUR EYES ONLY perfect for the area around the eyes. The nourishing formula is fragrance free and really helps you feel good. However, this cream won’t just win you over as a key essential in your daily skincare routine.


SENSITIVE Shower Gel pH is a mild, lipid-balancing shower gel for all skin types, specially formulated for the care of sensitive and dry skin. It provides the skin with jojoba oil, which preserves the skin‘s moisture content. Even with very frequent showering, the skin remains smooth and relaxed. The shower gel is free of colourings.


SENSITIVE Anti Perspirant ph prevents the decomposition process of skin perspiration, unlike deodorants which simply mask body odour. The extremely skin-friendly formula is perfume-free and has a long-lasting effect of up to 14 hours. The mildly acidic pH value of 5.5 helps to preserve the skin‘s healthy acid mantle.