Radiant Gloss and a hair colour that reflects light in all its facets: that’s what creates the perfect look. SMOOTH products allow the hair to shine like a crystal, making it a naturally sparkling jewel.

SMOOTH products give hair a crystal-like look. But that’s not all: they leave hair velvety smooth, beautifully soft and tangle-free. SMOOTH products bring glamour to hair.


MALIBU Smoothing Cream is a smoothing anti-frizz cream for silky shine and a velvety feel to hair. MALIBU Smoothing Cream is ideal for providing heat protection before styling with straighteners, as a blow-drying cream or for a weightless finish.

Directions for use: Before straightening: Apply sparingly to dry hair and work into the lengths and ends. Before blow-drying: Apply sparingly to towel-dried hair and blowdry. As a final gloss finish: Apply sparingly to hair and accentuate.


BREEZE Detangler Spray is a weightless shine spray with an anti-frizz effect for untangling and taming hair. BREEZE Detangler Spray is also suitable for fine, weak hair. For a silky feel and very easy combing.

Direction for use: Before blow-drying: distributed in damp hair, it protects against heat and so prevents a frizz effect. Before straightening or working with curling tongs: spray evenly onto dry hair. For a perfect glossy finish: spray evenly onto dry hair.