Virtually no type of hair is as demanding when it comes to care as fine hair. Its delicate structure means it is particularly sensitive and can quickly become weak and lifeless. That‘s why fine hair needs care that builds it up and strengthens it.

The VOLUME series is designed to do just that: a strengthening and deep-cleansing shampoo, a volumising conditioner and an invigorating treatment create an immediate volumising effect and provide silky gloss without weighing hair down.

VOLUME products are real must-haves for fine hair. The Energy Shampoo with ginger root extract has a deep-cleansing effect, whilst the thermoactive Energy Conditioner thickens hair with silk protein and liquid keratin, and the Energy Mask strengthens hair with Ginkgo biloba extract and vitamin B5. The result: noticeable strength, dynamic fullness and weightless volume. The effectiveness of the VOLUME products is enhanced by a pleasantly light, fruity-fresh, spicy scent.


VOLUME Energy Shampoo is a strengthening shampoo for fine, lifeless hair. The deep-cleansing formula frees hair from cumbersome residues and immediately gives it lightness and fullness. Sea grass, which is rich in vitamins, proteins and their amino acids, protects and cares for the scalp too. The cleansingagents are extracted from coconut oil.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount evenly to wet hair, briefly allow it to work in, work into a lather and then rinse thoroughly


VOLUME Energy Spray is an invigorating leave-in conditioner for fine, lifeless or thin hair. The thermoactive formula with silk protein and liquid keratin coats the hair, giving it particular strength and weightless volume.

Directions for use: The conditioner is sprayed onto damp hair and stays in the hair. Since the active ingredients are thermoactive, the hair must be blow-dried after application to create the full volume effect.


VOLUME Energy Mask is an invigorating vitamin emulsion specially designed for fine and thin hair. The special volumising formula with vitamin B5 and Ginkgo biloba extract gives the hair a silky shine without weighing it down.

Directions for use: After washing hair, apply an amount the size of a walnut to damp hair, working it into the lengths and ends in particular. After allowing it to work in for 5 –10 minutes, work into a lather and then rinse thoroughly.