Hair like silk – the epitome of beautiful hair. Straight, thick hair, naturally wavy hair or hair that tends to be dry needs a lot of care to keep it glossy and smooth. The NUTRI series provides precisely these hair types with valuable lipids, which help the hair to store more moisture.

NUTRI products contain fine lipids to give hair noticeable gloss and a silky feel. Even naturally wavy or dry hair becomes light as a feather and tangle-free. The lipids of the jojoba oil give the hair a particular gloss and also nourish the scalp‘s natural protective barrier. Kendi oil, which is extracted from the Hawaiian kukui nut tree, is rich in essentialfatty acids and ensures hair is silky-smooth to the touch. NUTRI products are enhanced by a floral and oriental blossom scent with surface notes of fresh grass.


NUTRI Oil Shampoo is a lipid-rich shampoo for dry or thick hair or hair in need of nourishment. It is also ideal as an everyday shampoo for naturally curly hair. With long hair, it‘s better to mix the shampoo using a ratio of one to ten parts waterin the GLYNT hairline washing bottle. The cleansing agents are extracted from coconut oil.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount evenly to wet hair, briefly allow it to work in, work into a lather and then rinse thoroughly. The shampoo does not lather very much.


NUTRI Oil Mask is a nutrient-rich lipid emulsion for very stressed hair and dry ends in need of a lot of nourishment. It immediately gives hair greater elasticity and silky smoothness. Lecithin, a phospholipid which is largely stripped from hair during the waving process, gives hair more strength.

Directions for use: After washing hair, apply an amount the size of awalnut to damp hair, working it into the lengths and ends in particular. After allowing it to work in for 5 –10 minutes, work into a lather and then rinse thoroughly.


NUTRI Oil Elixir for profound care gives dry or stressed hair noticeable shine, strong light refl ection qualities and a silky-smooth feel. This elixir is also ideal for those with long hair for treating ends or for creating a glossy effect.

Directions for use: NUTRI Oil Elixir 5 can be applied in three different ways: Before washing hair: Massage sparingly into dry hair, leave to work in and then shampoo out. Before styling: Apply sparingly to towel-dried hair, work in and then blow-dry. As a final glossy finish: Apply sparingly to hair and accentuate.