The desirableness of wavy hair is everlasting, as it has always emphasised seductiveness. Only the interpretations of wavy hair have changed over the course of time. From striking glamour curls and generous waves in long hair to virtually invisible root volume in short or mid-length hair: with the right technique and the right wave products, wavy hair is always fashionable and can be found on catwalks all over the world.


TRI PERM is a mildly alkaline wave lotion that comes in three grades. It offers elastic reshaping and longlasting wave results extremely gentle on hair.


  • TRI PERM Sensitive Soft 0 is best suited to thick hair which is difficult to wave and, because of its reshaping strength, is also good for use on long hair.
  • TRI PERM Sensitive Soft 1 should be used on normally wave-stylable hair.
  • TRI PERM Sensitive Soft 2 is designed for coloured and sensitive hair.


BI PHAS is a pH-neutral wave lotion which comes in three grades. It offers elastic reshaping and bouncy waves whilst remaining extremely gentle on hair.


  • BI PHAS Neutral 0+ is ideally suited to thick hair, which is difficult to wave.
  • BI PHAS Neutral 1+ should be used on thick and normally wave-stylable hair.
  • BI PHAS Neutral 2+ ist für gesträhntes Haar, für gefärbtes Haar oder bereits gewelltes Haar ideal geeignet.


TWISTER is a wave gel for root volume. This wave gel enhances condition and fullness in hair at the top and back of the head. TWISTER can also be used to shape roots where perms are starting to grow out.